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Perimeter Light, Identification Beacon and Floodlights

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Microlux Lighting Solution was established in 2010 and based in Spain group of lighting professionals dedicated to the value of service, quality and expertise in the fields of aviation lighting and indoor-outdoor lighting. Microlux Lighting Solution is a recognized industry leader in the design of aviation lighting system, indoor & outdoor lighting system and components.

Microlux Lighting is a leading supplier changing the world of lighting with the latest green technology, energy saving lighting and controls. Microlux Lighting products are proven in commercial, municipal, military and government installations throughout the Europe and worldwide. Our extensive product portfolio includes Architectural and Commercial Fluorescent, LED, Solar Outdoor Luminaires, Indoor Luminaires, Obstruction Lighting System and Helipad & Helideck Lighting System.

Helipad Lighting System

Heliports no matter located on the top of building or on the ground, shall be equipped with helipad (helideck) lighting and marks. We can offer you with all kinds of helipad (helideck) lighting range from beacon light, approaching light, perimeter light, landing aimpoint light, floodlight to windsock.

Aircraft Warning Light

We are an Aircraft Warning Light supplier, has a full product line of aviation obstruction lights :solar powered type, low intensity type, medium intensity type, high intensity type, dual aviation obstruction lights and controller units.

Solar Lighting

Our company is recognized worldwide as supplier of Solar lights. Solar lights are handy and attractive alternatives if you’re looking for lighting options that are friendly to the environment and that help you save on energy costs.

Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Big range of outdoor light fixtures available. We are leading supplier of flood fixtures, chandeliers, pendant and exterior string lights, landscape, industrial and street illumination, fiber optic outdoor lighting and more.

We offer our customers full line of heliport & obstruction lighting services. We do design manufacture, install and maintenance of the systems.