Perimeter Light and Floodlight Combo

Helipad Perimeter Light & Floodlight, LED
FATO Perimeter Light
The HL-EL-FLis a combination of our LED heliport perimeter light and an LED floodlight intended to "wash" the pad with light. Our lights illuminate the edges of the landing area to provide a true perimeter marking. Pole mounted perimeter lights with LED floodlight will help the pilot to obtain the right information about state and quality of surface by lightening the surface (landing) area.

Perimeter Light Colour: Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Red


Microlux combo perimeter light used to illuminate the surface to provide better depth perception to the pilot and to mark the FATO perimeter. Our heliport perimeter lights provide an LED based solution to the ICAO touchdown and lift-off area perimeter style of steady-burning lights. The lights are currently available in blue, green, yellow, red or clear LEDs operating at 120-240 VAC or 12-24VDC.

Technical Specifications
The lamp cover adopts Tempered Glass material of excellent Impact Resistance, High Transparency
LED Lifespan >50,000 hours
5watt power consumption
Available in Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, White (Clear)
Weather/Corrosion resistant
Self-contained wiring compartment eliminates additional boxes
Resistant to shock and vibration
Direct replacement for existing incandescent lighting


Multi-chip 30/50Watt, High-output
Bronze chip and fade resistant polyester powder coat finish
Heatsink: Die-cast aluminum LED housing designed for maximum heat dissipation
Semi-specular anodized aluminum reflector
High-temperature silicone gaskets
Operating Temperature: -30°C to +55°C
Operating Voltage: 120-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Drawing & Wiring

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