Helipad Lights

Helipad Radio System Controller


Microlux L-854 radio controller is designed to provide pilots direct, unassisted air-to-ground control of helipad lighting systems. Microlux Radio Controller allows the pilot to control the helipad lighting system via VHF Radio Air Band.

Helipad System Controller

Helipad System Controller

Microlux’s helipad system controller is designed to provide complete control of heliport lighting systems. Lighting control can be provided by low voltage DC or AC control signals.

The controller activates the output by internal on/off switch, or with optional external on/off switch, photocell, or programmable timer.


* Control unit mounting bracket
* Dimming control (3-step brightness)
* RF control output
* Photoelectric controller for AUTO operation
* Relay dry contact
* Solar system

Helipad Identification Beacon

Helipad Identification Beacon
Heliport Locating Beacon

Locating Beacon provide clear direction to your helipad.

Microlux is pleased to offer the most versatile LED Helipad Identification Beacon on the market to be used as a single or three colour beacon.

Lighted LED Windcone L806/L807

Externally Lighted LED Windcone
Internally Lighted LED Windcone

As pilots approach and depart from the helipad, knowing the wind speed and direction is crucial to their safe operations.Provides visual indication of wind direction and velocity at a location on an airfield and heliport.

FAA: L-806 AC 150/5345-27 (Current Edition)
FAA Engineering Brief 67

Surface LED Floodlight

HELIPORT SURFACE LED FLOODLIGHT Microlux Heliport Floodlight has been specifically designed for helipads to provide uniform surface lighting where the TLOF and FATO lights need to be supplemented with floodlighting.
Housed in a weatherproof, powder-coated die-cast aluminium enclosure to withstand the harshest environments, the assembly has a low profile and is compatible with our standard frangible mountings.

Heliport Floodlight is available in AC, DC and Solar (PV) Versions.
Optional feature of 3-step brightness (dimming) adjustment is available.

The solar powered floodlight comes with an integrated solar and battery system, which provides autonomous operation in the most locations.

Low Mounted LED Floodlight

HELIPORT LOW MOUNTED LED FLOODLIGHT The low mounted LED floodlight illuminates the pad and protects the pilot from glare while landing on the pad. This fixture is provided with baseplate and there are four mounting holes for easy installation on any surface.

Perimeter Light and Floodlight Combo

Helipad Perimeter Light & Floodlight, LED
FATO Perimeter Light
The HL-EL-FLis a combination of our LED heliport perimeter light and an LED floodlight intended to "wash" the pad with light. Our lights illuminate the edges of the landing area to provide a true perimeter marking. Pole mounted perimeter lights with LED floodlight will help the pilot to obtain the right information about state and quality of surface by lightening the surface (landing) area.

Perimeter Light Colour: Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Red

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