MI-02-R Medium Intensity LED RED Light, ICAO Type B & C

Our MI-02-R is made of die casting aluminum with powder coated aviation orange colour (RAL2000) finishing and the lens is polycarbonate. Microux Medium Intensity Lights are functioning with LED technology. That technology allows us to develop watertight (IP65) and very low-consuming lights with a long lifetime.

MI-02-R is self-contained power supply, with available GPS synchronization module and day/night photo sensor and the dry contact (NO NC) for remote alarm.


Medium intensity obstruction lighting systems are typically used on structures between 150’ (45M) and 500’ (150M) above ground level to provide aviation safety.

Microlux medium intensity obstruction lights are designed for lighting tall structures such as communication, television, lighting masts on airports, tall buildings, bridges, chimneys and tower cranes.

Compliance to:

  • FAA Type: L-864, Medium Intensity Lighting
  • ICAO Type: Type B/C Medium Intensity Obstacle Light
Technical Specifications
Type: ICAO Type B (Flashing), ICAO Type C (Steady Burning)
360° Omni directional
Lens: Polycarbonate, Corrosion resistant, High transmittance
Intensity: >2000 candela
Protection: Built-in protective circuit, Ingress Protection IP65
Operating Voltage: 12-24VDC, 120-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Low Power Consumption: 15W
Operating Temperature: -30o C ~+55o C

Optional: Built-in Photocell (AUTO ON/OFF), Alarm Relay (dry contact), Mounting Bracket, Marine Proof Powder Coating

Drawing & Wiring