Surface LED Floodlight

HELIPORT SURFACE LED FLOODLIGHT Microlux Heliport Floodlight has been specifically designed for helipads to provide uniform surface lighting where the TLOF and FATO lights need to be supplemented with floodlighting.
Housed in a weatherproof, powder-coated die-cast aluminium enclosure to withstand the harshest environments, the assembly has a low profile and is compatible with our standard frangible mountings.

Heliport Floodlight is available in AC, DC and Solar (PV) Versions.
Optional feature of 3-step brightness (dimming) adjustment is available.

The solar powered floodlight comes with an integrated solar and battery system, which provides autonomous operation in the most locations.


Our floodlights provide uniform lighting without glare. The low vertical beam, combined with a new cover extension design, prevents blinding of the pilot and crew. The LED lamps cannot be seen, even when standing in the center of the pad (proper aiming of the floodlights is necessary).

Setting up of lights should be undertaken with care to ensure that the issues of adequate illumination and glare are properly addressed and regularly checked.

Technical Specifications
High Power Phillips LEDs
Surface floodlight provides uniform lighting without glare
Structure: Strong, Die-cast aluminum powder coated aviation yellow
Power: 50Watts
CCT (Lumens): 6500K (6000lm)
Waterproof: IP66
Dimensions: 7.5” L x 7.0” H x 12.5” W
Weight: 3.0kg
Operating Temperature: -30°C to +55°C
Operating Voltage: 110-250VAC 50/60Hz, 12-24VDC (Optional: Solar Powered)