Solar Wrap LED Street Light


Solar Wrap can be used in any type of poles and designs without dismantling.

  • Slim designed solar panels are fixed tightly on a hexagon aluminum frame
  • 360° ensuring sunshine all day
  • Resistance to Storm, Sand storm, Snow blocking
  • Quickly and easily mounted on any suitable pole
  • Easy maintenance and easy to clean

This product is flexible. We can provide light head only and you can use your own solar panel and battery. You just need to make sure that you use right (voltage & power) solar panel and battery as per our instruction guide.

You can purchase vertical solar module only to use with your existing or local make pole and lights. There are three different modules. It is 50W, 100W and 150W. We can provide customized solution as well to match your project requirements.

Our solar vertical pole street lighting system is factory set to 100% brightness for 10-12 hours. We can provide customized solution such as 5 hours 100% + 4 hours 50% + 3 hours 30%.

Technical Specifications

Each vertical solar module adopts 6 pieces of slim mono-crystalline solar panel with high efficiency up to 21%. Slim designed solar panels are fixed tightly on a hexagon aluminum frame. So it ensures 50% of solar panel will face to sunshine at any time of the day.

Solar Wrap can be easily assembled at site freely and easily, no matter fix it to new pole uninstalled or existing poles installed on concrete already. 50W ~ 750W are available by multi modules in series connection.

This solar cylinder module is based on modular design concept for easy installation.

The cylindrical design reduces wind resistance, and each module is directly fastened to the pole by 8 screws for strong wind resistance

Solar cylinder modular mounted vertically not easy to be covered by snow. It guarantee the solar street light always keep functional even in very snowy condition. Very useful and helpful for countries like Canada and USA. 

Comparing with installing regular solar panel on top of pole. It does not need to use a lift for a worker to clean the solar panel. Worker can stand on ground and using brush to clean it easily with less cost.

Light Power: Up to 80W
Light Efficacy: Up to 170lm/W
Solar panel: Mono-crystaline
Battery: Lithium LifePO4
Controller: MPPT 8A-24A, 12V/24V
Ingress Protection: IP67
Day of autonomy: > 2 days (Raining days)
Charging time: 6 hours
Pole height: 3 – 12m base on requirement
Operating temperature: -30℃~+70℃
Limited Warranty: 5 years