LI-03-DB Double Head Aircraft Warning Light

The Double Head Low Intensity Obstruction Light provides an LED based solution for the FAA L-810 steady burning Red lights. The LI-03-DB Obstruction Lights are designed for tall structures such as telecommunication tower, ATC tower, chimneys, tall buildings and bridges.


The LI-03-DB is provided with pre-wired junction box for easy termination and installation.

The body is made of die casting aluminum with powder coated orange colour (RAL2000) finishing and the lens is UV stabilized polycarbonate. The Low Intensity light is currently available in both Single and Double configurations operating at a range of 110-277VAC and also in range of 24/48VDC.

Options available: Flashing, Built-in Photocell, Alarm Relay for remote alarm (status monitoring)

Technical Specifications
Type: ICAO Type A & B
Based on LEDs technology for low power consumption and high efficiency
Output Color: Red
Intensity: >10 candela (Type A), >32.5 candela (Type B)
Lens: UV Stabilized Polycarbonate, Corrosion Resistant, Thermal Stability, High Transmittance
Voltage: 230VAC, 120VAC, 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC
Protection: Built-in protective circuit, Ingress Protection IP66
Features: Main + Standby Lamp, Both Lamps ON, Alternate Lamp Flashing
Low Power Consumption: 3W
Operating Temperature: -30o C ~ +60o C

Optional: Built-in Photocell (AUTO ON/OFF), Alarm Relay, Mounting Bracket, Marine Proof Powder Coating

Drawing & Wiring