About Us

Microlux Lighting Solution was established in 2010 and based in spain group of lighting professionals dedicated to the value of service, quality and expertise in the fields of aviation lighting and indoor-outdoor lighting.

Microlux Lighting Solution is a recognized industry leader in the design of aviation lighting system, indoor & outdoor lighting system and components. Microlux Lighting is a leading supplier changing the world of lighting with the latest green technology, energy saving lighting and controls. Microlux Lighting products are proven in commercial, municipal, military and government installations and
worldwide. Our extensive product portfolio includes architectural and commercial fluorescent, Induction, HID, LED, Plasma, Solar, Dark Sky friendly outdoor luminaires, emergency fixtures, lighting controls, Obstruction lighting fixtures and Heliport lighting fixtures.

The company has expertise in application engineering for obstruction and heliport lighting projects including hospitals, oil rigs, high rise bridges and towers.

Microlux designs a complete line of state-of-the-art aviation lighting systems and monitoring systems.

Our Mission

The mission of Microlux Lighting is to be the leading provider of innovative, high quality lighting fixtures and systems to commercial, municipal and utility markets. We strive to deliver consistently superior value to our customers and their clients. This commitment permeates everything we do, driving us to continuously improve our products and processes to fulfill the need for quality lighting solutions. Microlux Lighting offers an exceptionally strong portfolio of quality products, encompassing a comprehensive selection to meet a wide variety of indoor and outdoor lighting applications. At the core of our new product development is the commitment to utilize the very latest lighting technologies that improve lighting quality, improve efficiency, and enhance the environment through reduced energy consumption.

Our Services

Microlux Lighting is committed to a Customer First attitude and provide superior service in fulfilling customer needs. We resolve to provide outstanding service before and after the sale, and take pride in maintaining long term relationships with our customers. From product selection and specification through delivery and beyond, Microlux Lighting is focused on providing the information, assistance and product when needed. Simply put, our company strives to be easy to do business with. At Microlux Lighting our people apply their lighting experience and expertise to enhance the overall customer experience. Combining that capability with the strength of our product line and expert agency sales force, you can count on Microlux Lighting to support you for all your lighting needs.

We offer our customers full line of heliport & obstruction lighting services. We do design manufacture, install and maintenance of the systems.