Dual Medium Intensity Light

Dual Medium Intensity LED Light, ICAO Type A/AB/AC

Dual Medium intensity obstruction lighting systems are typically used on structures between 150’ (45M) and 500’ (150M) above ground level to provide aviation safety.
The most important feature of MI03 is that it works as a dual light. It has a dual array / layers of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). During the day time using high powered white LED driver giving >20,000cd (+25%) flashing white light intensity and at night time using red LED driver, which gives a red light intensity of >2,000cd (+25%).

Available Functions:
ICAO Type A (Day white flashing and Night white flashing)
ICAO Type AB (Day white flashing and Night red flashing)
ICAO Type AC (Day white flashing and Night red steady burning)

Options: In-built GPS, In-built Photocell, Alarm Relay (NO NC COM)
5 years limited warranty