Helipad System Controller

Helipad System Controller

Microlux’s helipad system controller is designed to provide complete control of heliport lighting systems. Lighting control can be provided by low voltage DC or AC control signals.

The controller activates the output by internal on/off switch, or with optional external on/off switch, photocell, or programmable timer.


* Control unit mounting bracket
* Dimming control (3-step brightness)
* RF control output
* Photoelectric controller for AUTO operation
* Relay dry contact
* Solar system


The system is fully protected from input transients, output overload, over-voltage, and over-temperature conditions. The stainless steel enclosure is IP66 weatherproof. There is one (1) load switch green Power ON indicating the presence of power in the controller.

Technical Specifications
Lower Maintenance Costs
                       – Ability to control the system operation by various means: ON/OFF switch and/or photocell control
                       – Lights can be dimmed at night to reduce glare
Simple operation: ON/OFF power switch on enclosure door
Input transient protection
Weather proof SS304 enclosure
Operating temperature range: -20°C ~ +55°C

Optional: SS316 Enclosure, Photoelectric controller, Timer, Relay dry contact (remote alarm), Dimming system


Helipad System Controller