Solar Helipad Perimeter Light

Solar Heliport Lighting System provides perimeter lighting for semi-permanent, temporary or emergency helipad touchdown and lift-off zones (TLOF).


These omni-directional LED elevated lights are completely self-contained and can be installed in minutes and require minimal maintenance. Being 100% solar powered, installation is incredibly fast – no need for trenching, cabling, or electrical services.

Colour: Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Red

Technical Specifications
ICAO compliant
No trenching required, easily deployed
100% solar powered, integrated solar/battery
2.4W Monocrystalline Solar Module
Body: Die-cast aluminum powder coated
Battery: 6AH, 3.7V Replaceable Lithium Iron
Lens: Polycarbonate UV Stabilized
Operating Temperature: -30o C to +55o C
Automatic night activation

Optional: ON-OFF Switch, Colour: Green/Blue/Red/Yellow/White